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Ironically, the oldies station, when it finally became audible, soon played “You May Be Right” by Billy Joel, which starts out with the sound of a motorcycle engine, not unlike those so frequently drowning out the tunes on my car stereo. That incident brought to mind other hits that featured the sound of a car or motorcycle engine, and here is a list of seven of the most well-known.

Movin’ Out by Billy Joel

The Piano Man opts for the car engine on this opener from The Stranger, which depicts the fed up Anthony driving away from his job at the grocery store.

Leader of the Pack by the Shangri Las

This doo wop track from early rock and roll tells the story of a girl falling for a biker, and you can hear his machine rumbling before the fatal crash at the end of the hit.

Detroit Rock City by Kiss

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley encourage everybody to get up and leave their seats in the chorus of this opener from Destroyer, only to have the record end with a loud motor before a deathly silence.

I’m In Love With My Car by Queen

Drummer Roger Taylor wrote and sang lead on this track from A Night at the Opera, admitting that he loves his vehicle much more than his girl. The running engine fade out used here also appeared an album earlier on Taylor’s Sheer Heart Attack contribution, “Tenement Funster.”

The Motorcycle Song by Arlo Guthrie

Woody’s son cares nothing for a nickel or a dime, but it makes sense that the revving of a bike engine ends this hit from Alice’s Restaurant.