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Best John Mayer CD

Born and Raised

A brilliant album that showed yet another side of Mayer. Parting from his acoustic pop, his blues trio work and his funky stuff he dove into the world of Classics, Country and Americana and proved he could bend genres to please the ideas he was coming up with. “Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey” was a terribly depressing yet beautiful description of his bout with alcoholism, “Walt Grace” a metaphorical song of a man who builds a submarine and gets to Japan was arguably his most surprising and most well written song in his entire career.

Sold – 570, 000

Room for Squares

His debut album as pop-pop-poppy as it is, is still just gigantic. As critics were putting this album in their players so they could rack up tedious insults to the baby-faced guy who crapped out “Your Body is a Wonderland” they sat their listening, waiting for their chance… and then the CD ended and they sat in their chair, dumbfounded and angry that they couldn’t hate him anymore.

Sold – 4.5 million


Nailed it. This album will go down in history as one of the greatest pop albums off all time. Amidst a sea of immature writers, shallow philosophies and a bunch of entertainers who can’t play a G-chord this album start to finish is an absolute masterpiece in every sense. The vocals are intriguing and emotional but never pretentious. The guitar work is envy inducing. The writing blends mature themes (not like hookers and cocaine but soul-searching and social observation) and clever writing. Start to finish if you have never heard John Mayer before, get this album and welcome to his world. It has all the best parts of him and perfect synergy.

Sold – 2.8 million